Speaking on Hungarian TV channel M1 on Thursday, Minister of Defence István Simicsikó said that under a government decision, the defence budget would reach 2 per cent of the GDP by 2024, which would allow setting the Hungarian Defence Forces on a path of growth.

In talking about the 170th anniversary of the birth of the Hungarian Defence Forces, István Simicskó said that back in 1848, the dawning period of the nation’s self-awareness, our ancestors recognized the need for the independent Hungarian Defence Forces which are able to win freedom for Hungary and defend it at all times.

The Minister said that the establishment of the Hungarian Defence Forces in a few months was nothing less than a miracle, adding that their strength had grown to 110,000 by December 1848, when the production of weapons was started. He pointed out that the Hungarians won several battles against the Austrian army, one of the strongest forces of the age. The secret of their success was their desire for freedom, enthusiasm, faith and patriotism.

He also said that the Hungarian economy is performing well, so there is a chance to develop the capabilities of the Hungarian Defence Forces as well. Under the government’s decision, the defence budget will reach 2 per cent of the GDP by 2024, which allows setting the Hungarian Defence Forces on a path of growth, he explained, noting that these commitments are not only about the Hungarian Defence Forces and NATO but also about Hungary’s security.

Also appearing on the program of Kossuth Radio “180 minutes”, István Simicskó emphasized that based on the Hungarian Defence Forces’ traditions and values, they intend to build a force equipped with modern military technology and equipment.

(Ministry of Defence/MTI)