As long as Hungary has a national government, no migrants will be lodged in barracks or any other public buildings, the Minister of Defence stated on Kossuth radio Sunday morning.

István Simicskó made this statement in the program “Vasárnapi Újság” (Sunday News), in answer to a question about Gergely Karácsony, the Prime Minister candidate of MSZP–Párbeszéd, who had earlier announced their proposals, which include that “unused barracks should be opened to accommodate migrants.” The Minister of Defence called the idea shocking.

The minister said that a “systematic plan” about the resettlement of migrants into Hungary is emerging from the acts of MPs of opposition parties, decision-makers in Brussels and “Soros network” activists. István Simicskó noted that in the recent period, written questions from eight opposition MPs as well as further 25 requests for data of public interest concerned the barracks and depots of the Hungarian Defence Forces.

The Minister of Defence pointed out that since the 1989 political transition, the Hungarian Defence Forces have “shrunk” in terms of their manpower, military equipment and barracks. There are barracks in every county, but only ten counties have operating barracks in their area.

At the same time, István Simicskó emphasized that thanks to a government decision, the defence budget has been increasing continuously. As a result, the Hungarian Defence Forces have been set on a path of growth, and the Zrínyi 2026 national defence and armed forces development program has been launched. It includes a barracks renovation program, too, which has already been started in Hódmezővásárhely, and is to be continued in Tata, Kaposvár and elsewhere.

The minister pointed out that the aim is to build up an active service strength of 30,000 career and contracted soldiers as well as a reserve force of 20,000 soldiers organized on a territorial basis, and modern installations are needed to achieve this aim.

The minister also said that while in 2010 the Hungarian Defence Forces had altogether 17 reservists, currently they have more than 6000 ones. Their objective is to establish reserve units for territorial defence purposes in all districts of Hungary.

István Simicskó added that in the last two and a half years, more than 17,000 Hungarian soldiers have participated in the protection of the southern border. According to the minister, thanks to the Hungarian soldiers and policemen, Hungary is currently one of the safest countries. This would not be so if they had not protected the borders, the minister noted.

According to the Minister of Defence, an effective border security system has been built, which will be needed in the future too.

The KDNP politician emphasized that the Hungarian government does not want any resettlement at all. The minister said that if it started, “we wouldn’t be able to recognize our own country in a couple of years”.