The Hungarian Defence Force has been actively participating in handing the situation caused by mass migration and in border protection from the very beginning, and continues to do so. On the orders of Minister of Defence Dr. István Simicskó, the military personnel on duty along the border will continue to assist the work of Police as requested and to the extent required even after the completion of the second border security fence.

The second fence was officially completed on Friday. The completion of the second fence means Hungarian border protection is stronger than ever, and accordingly, so is security. The Government decided on the construction of the second fence because of the need to prepare for even greater migration pressure than before. With the approach of summer a large wave of migration is setting out for Europe and if the agreement between the EU and Turkey fails then millions more could set off for Europe.

Cooperation on border protection between the Hungarian Defence Force and the Hungarian Police has been exemplary, and those on duty on the border will continue to do everything necessary to ensure the security of the Hungarian people and the defence of the Schengen borders, and accordingly in the interests of protecting the whole of Europe.

(Ministry of Defence)