“Each new year is full of new challenges, but our desire for security never changes”, Minister of Defence István Simicskó said on Monday in Budapest at a New Year’s reception for military attachés to Budapest.

In his speech, Dr. Simicskó said with reference to last year: “Everyone has a legitimate desire for security, and accordingly every community must value those people, who (…) choose the military profession, because it is they who guarantee the security of each and every one of us”.


“Last year, migration represented a major security challenge for Hungary, as a result of which the Hungarian Defence Force received an important new task: the protection of our borders”, he said, adding: “During the past year our soldiers have fulfilled this duty at an exceptional level”.

On the subject of 2017, the Minister of Defence said the long-term development projects began last year would continue, and will reinforce both the Hungarian Defence Force and the soldiers serving in it. “The most important element of all of these measures is to increase the status of the Hungarian soldier. This is what we would like to achieve with every piece of equipment, every career model and every paycheque. This is the road that we would like to continue along, together with our allies and everyone who serves peace. This is what we would like to continue in 2017”, Dr. Simicskó highlighted.

Head of the Budapest Military Attaché Corps Lt. Col. Uwe Wilhelm Clemens stressed that 2016 was an extremely intensive year. “The attachés serving in Budapest are lucky to be working in a country that provides them with all possible assistance, for which they are extremely grateful to the Hungarian Defence Force”, he added.