We believe that the broader agricultural community and the public should also be aware of the successes of Hungary’s agriculture sector. But behind performances that are measured in tonnes, forints and percentages, there are always concrete events, whether with regard to the expansion of our cattle export market in Turkey, the decrease in poultry stocks due to the bird flu epidemic, or sunflower seed yields.

Evoking the traditions of previous years, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Research Institute of Agricultural Economics and the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture have joined forces to publish this report, which presents the performance of Hungary’s agriculture and food industry in 2016 in both Hungarian and English. In addition to statistical data, explanations are also provided to facilitate the better understanding of deeper relationships.

The colourful publication, which is enriched with graphs and diagrams, could prove to be especially useful for agrarian professionals who would like to find out more about the performance of Hungary’s agriculture sector last year in a detailed, but nevertheless extremely transparent format. The publication analyses out agriculture according to the most important criteria (e.g. agricultural production, animal husbandry, land use), in addition to explaining their relationships with other areas (e.g. foreign trade, funding, employment”.

(Ministry of Agriculture Press Office)