Vietnam has expressed great interest in Hungarian agriculture machinery production, in addition to which expanded cooperation is also expected within the fields of poultry farming and food safety, Minister of Agriculture Sándor Fazekas announce in Hani following talks with Vietnamese Minister of Agriculture Nguyen Xuan Cuong.

The parties aged that their mutual goals include improving the technological level of agriculture and realising a comprehensive production capacity and food safety and security, the Minister stressed after concluding a framework agreement on agricultural cooperation between the two countries during his visit to Vietnam as part of an official delegation headed by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.


Mr. Fazekas highlighted the fact that a living and successful example of Hungarian-Vietnamese cooperation within the framework of a joint venture company already exists within the field of poultry processing, which we will be working to further develop, highlighting the fact that Hungary is also happy to transfer its knowledge within the fields of water treatment and waste management. We are also maintaining good relations with our Vietnamese partners with relation to freshwater fish breeding, and they are also open to acquiring Hungarian knowledge within this field, he added.

With relation to agricultural machinery, we are primarily present on the Vietnamese market with small appliances, but hope to find opportunities that enable the export of larger pieces of agricultural machinery to also serve as a link to Vietnam, the Minister added.

We are launching cooperation between our agricultural research institutes within several fields, and particularly with relation to food industry procedures, which is a filed in which the Hungarian system is performing particularly well.

(Ministry of Agriculture Press Office)