The economic growth of Hungary will remain sustainable and stable in 2015 as well, the 2.5 per cent projected growth rate is still realistic – Minister for National Economy Mihály Varga said on Wednesday in the Miskolc plant of the German Bosch concern.

According to the Minister, Hungary can only reinforce its beneficial position achieved so far, if parallel to supporting companies, it also ensures an appropriate economic environment for them.

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The Minister also said that in the coming years, Central Europe is going to become the centre of growth in Europe, “which is also underpinned by Hungary's economic results over the last year, with which we have succeeded in becoming one of the fastest growing countries of the EU”.

Mr Varga was of the opinion that Hungary will be able to keep this pace, “with the governance of recent years, we have achieved financial and budgetary stability”. He also said that over the first eleven months of last year, Hungarian export increased by 7.7 per cent, while trade surplus amounted to almost EUR 6.2 billion.

DownloadPhoto: Gergely BOTÁR

The Minister emphasised that since the European Commission has accepted all three operational programmes of the Ministry for National Economy, “the road ahead of the greatest economic recovery programme of all times has been opened”. He added that the calls for proposals starting in spring have become simpler and more transparent, and noted that forms of repayable assistance have also appeared, making those funds available in the economy that can provide support to developing enterprises over and over again.

Talking about Bosch, the Minister emphasised that over the last two decades, the company has become the third largest foreign manufacturing company and the fifth largest foreign employer in Hungary. “The Bosch Group’s commitment towards Hungary contributes to increasing the number of workplaces and the value of investments, as well as to improving the competitiveness of the economy”, Minister Varga stressed.

In the framework of the innovation programme of the Robert Bosch Power Tool Ltd. Miskolc that has just been launched, a development of HUF 2.2 billion has started, for which the company had won EU funds worth HUF 1 billion. As a result of the project due to be concluded in 2016, 350 new workplaces will be created.

(Ministry for National Economy)