“The Government will be doing everything possible in both a physical and legal sense to close the loopholes used by illegal immigrants; this is also one of the targets of the ‘Stop Soros’ legislative package”, Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács declared on Kossuth Radio’s “180 Minutes” program on Thursday morning.

“George Soros’s network is working to ensure that as many people as possible reach Europe, because they believe this is what will ensure the future of the continent”, Mr. Kovács said.

“This is a political program in which organisations that help migrants are taking part, ‘disguised’ as human rights organisations”, he said.

He pointed out that in accordance with previously introduced legislation, NGOs that are actively organising immigration must disclose the funding they receive from abroad.

“Since George Soros’s organisations have refused to register themselves, new instruments aimed at identifying organisations’ activities need to be introduced”, the Government Spokesperson explained, noting that the system will be based on self-declaration, but monitoring will be made possible within a court and prosecution framework.

The second element of the “Stop Soros” package, payable duties on foreign funding, would be introduced because over the past two and a half years Hungary has spent over a billion euros in extraordinary expenditure on performing its border protection duties, and it is untenable that organisations “that call themselves civil rights organisations” are working against this.

“If it transpires that someone is facilitating the influx of illegal immigrants into Europe, it would become possible to apply sanctions: they could be kept away from the border zone or, if they are foreign nationals, they could be banned from entering Hungary”, Mr. Kovács explained.

The activities of organisations linked to George Soros are “not abating”, the Government Spokesperson said.