According to the Government Spokesperson, the current National Consultation is the most successful to date, the number of returned questionnaires having crossed the 1.3 million mark on Friday.

Speaking prior to a public forum on the National Consultation in Szigetvár on Friday, Zoltán Kovács said: “The people of Hungary have understood the weight and importance of the questions on which we are awaiting their replies and opinions”. “This is also necessary to reinforce the standpoints represented by the Hungarian Government in disputes with the European Union”, he added.

Mr. Kovács said migration was the most actual and most acute issue of this kind, recalling that two years ago at the height of the migration crisis he had had a first-hand opportunity to personally get to know “the nature and consequences of the phenomenon” and the opinion of local citizens.

With regard to the other issues expected to be discussed at the forum, the Government Spokesperson said: “Although we did not start it, the election campaign has to all intents and purposes begun, meaning the claims, accusations and attacks voiced by the opposition will also form part of the discussions”.

“Recent years have proven that consultations and forums help people better understand and provide people with a closer insight into the solutions, to truly enable us to serve the interests of the people”, he noted.

Mr. Kovács was also asked about the article on the border security fence published on Friday by the Index news portal. The Spokesperson stressed that two months ago the Government had already replied to similar claims published by major international news agencies. “The Hungarian border security fence, and especially the second line of defence, is being constructed in a manner that ensures it will be as impassable as possible”, he said, stressing that the fence conforms to the regulations on such facilities from every possible perspective and that many similar technical solutions exist throughout the world.

As the Spokesperson explained, the double security fence is also fitted with feedback equipment, including technology that “fully conforms to standards and the usual limits” and which “enables location, tracking and the most rapid possible reaction”.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)