“There’s no need to be scared of an infringement procedure”, Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács highlighted on Hungarian M1 television’s Thursday evening current affairs programme.

Mr. Kovács pointed out that the topics and political contexts that form the basis for the “show procedure” against the Hungarian Government are very clear.

“Infringement proceedings are a legal procedure that are launched against a member state in case of a dispute. In such cases, the member state must defend its standpoint”, the Spokesperson explained, adding that “The Hungarian Government will go to court if necessary” and stressing that “The interests and security of the Hungarian people is what is most important”.

“With relation to the Act on Higher Education, the aim of the Hungarian Government was to assure equal opportunities, while the NGO act is aimed at creating transparency” he added.

With relation to the 20-point action plan on food safety, Mr. Kovács said: “The goal of the plan is to develop regulations that enable Hungarian agriculture to remain a key sector and which guarantee that Hungarian consumers have access to good quality foods”.

The Government Spokesperson also said that “Everything is ready to ensure that the Budapest Aquatics World Championships that begin on Friday will be a success”, highlighting the fact that the new facilities constructed for the event will be available to and benefit the health of all Hungarians.

“In addition, investments of this nature generate a return in a different manner than a business enterprise. For instance, the modernised and newly constructed facilities, the intruments procured and the new equipment provided to law enforcement will all remain in place and continue to serve Hungary after the event is over”, he noted.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)