According to the Government Spokesperson, the opposition would not only demolish the fence but would also demolish everything else that the Government has built over the past eight years.

In an interview published in Wednesday’s edition of Hungarian political weekly Demokrata, Zoltán Kovács spoke about the fact that the current government inherited a country that was bankrupt, and the European Union, the IMF and the World Bank were trying to prescribe the direction that the country should take. But the Government chose a different route, and after eliminating the damage it set out to achieve the construction which is still in progress.

Since then, it has been proven that the Hungarian model is viable, but problems cannot be jumped over with big steps, as the opposition is suggesting. Results can only be achieved step-by-step through systematic measures, he highlighted.

“What is at stake at the elections is not just that the opposition wants to demolish the border security fence”, because the opposition would like to demolish everything that the Government has constructed during the past eight years, he said.

The Government Spokesperson said that Hungary’s weight has increased significantly in recent years in comparison to its size and population, not only because of the solutions it has provided to migration and “the statements that have uncovered the operations of the Soros machine”, but also because of its economic policy achievements.

Economic growth, the reduction of unemployment and the results of the Government’s family support policies cannot be denied. And in the meantime Hungary is not alone; the support of the Visegrád Group is also helping the essence and content of Hungarian politics to gain increasing international weight, Mr. Kovács explained.

While there is a coordinated attack ongoing against the country, the Government must perform its activities in an “ideologically driven” hostile environment, and the topics of the articles published about Hungary in the international press are in harmony with the topics that are being sensationalised by the opposition and with their timing, he added.

The Government Spokesperson also said that Hungary is taking part in the series of negotiations on the UN’s migration package so that it can represent the interests of Hungary and its allies. One of the package’s greatest dangers is that it muddles the border between the legal interpretation of refugees and migrants and paints a picture of “immigrant countries with mixed populations”. But Hungary regards its national sovereignty and the national interest as more important and is stating that European and Hungary must remain European and Hungarian, he declared.

With regard to the Hungarian proposal for handling migration, Mr. Kovács said that in Hungary’s view the reform of the Dublin system must not be based on the consequences, meaning it must not be founded on the fact that since the migrants have already entered Europe then they should be distributed according to mandatory quotas, but that instead, migrants must be prevented from entering the European Union.

This is also the goal of the “Stop Soros” legislative package, he added.