The Government Spokesperson is expecting a tough battle on the UN migration document. Speaking on Kossuth Radio’s “180 Minutes” program on Thursday morning, Zoltán Kovács also pointed out, however, that Hungary has several natural allies in Central Europe.

As he explained, in opposition to the “clearly pro-migration” approach that has also appeared in statements by the world organisation’s Secretary General, Hungary is consistently representing a policy of border protection and the rejection of migration.

“The past two and a half to three years have shown that the nations and states of Central Europe, with similar historical experiences behind them, have a different approach to these issues than Western Europe states, which have to all intents and purposes become immigrant countries”, Mr. Kovács said.

“During this time we have succeeded in assuring that the world listens to this voice”, he said, adding that: “Political changes in Europe make it inevitable that the criteria put forward by Hungary will also appear in other states”.