Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács told Hungarian television channel M1 that in addition to workplace creation, the establishment of a family support scheme is the most important success of the Government.

Regarding the State of the Nation address by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, the Government Spokesperson said that the introduction of subsidies started seven years ago with family tax subsidies, followed by the restoration of childcare and child-raising allowance, and supporting family home creation. “We need to cover the whole spectrum as they say in politics because this is the responsibility of governing parties”.

According to Mr. Kovács, restoring national independence has been one of the most important steps of the Government because in order to make good politics, goals must be set and reached; this has been necessary.

If we must be dependent on others in the energy sector, it is impossible to pursue such politics, which would help Hungarian people, Mr. Kovács underlined and added that this applies to the IMF and various bodies of the European Union too.