According to the Government Spokesperson, the Prime Minister placed focus on the most important national strategy issue when during his press conference on Tuesday he said that according to his intentions the next period in government will be weighted towards demographics.

Speaking on Hungarian M1 television’s Tuesday evening current affairs program, Zoltán Kovács recalled the speech given by Viktor Orbán at the year opener of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in which the Prime Minister said that economic decision-making, and “to a certain extent political decision-making too” is based on four fundamental pillars, which are competitiveness, the workfare society, demographics and identity.

“Demographics is perhaps the most important pillar in view of the fact that a fundamental turnaround must be achieved within this area to construct a country that is sustainable from both a population and economic perspective”, Mr. Kovács said.

He pointed out that when the Government took office in 2010 fertility rates stood at 1.2-1.3 percent, but are now around 1.5 percent, although there is of course still much work to do before they exceed 2. “We must create the conditions to ensure that as many children as possible are born in Hungary”, he stressed.

Mr. Kovács explained that the new government must be formed as quickly as possible in view of the fact that in the period leading up to mid-June we are facing important “battles”, partly within the European Union and partly in the United Nations, which will determine “the fate of Hungary and Europe in the upcoming period”.

With relation to a demonstration organised by the opposition for this Saturday, the Government Spokesperson said that in his opinion following Sunday’s “landslide-like” result it would be absurd for anyone to take to the streets claiming to represent the will of the majority of Hungarians.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)