“The National Consultation is about issues that directly affect the nation’s future, and accordingly the opinion of every Hungarian counts”, the Minister of State for Government Communication said at a press conference on Thursday in the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County town of Nyírtelek.

Bence Tuzson said that the politics of a nation or country can only be successful if it is founded on the opinion of the country’s citizens.

“We will only be able to successfully defend these issues within the European Union if the Hungarian people stand behind the Government and accordingly behind Hungary”, he declared.

With regard to the National Consultation’s question on immigration, the Minister of State said that it would seem that the Hungarian Government has solved this problem via the physical and legal border barriers, the establishment of the second line of defence and the provision of the manpower required to operate it. “The danger is currently not approaching from the direction of the border, but from Brussels, in view of the fact that attempts to achieve a renewed increase in illegal immigration in Hungary are gaining increased strength within the EU”, he said. “We must take action against this in the strongest possible terms, but this requires a struggle with Brussels and with the organisations that are supporting immigration”, he said.

According to Mr. Tuzson, the government-supervised reduction of pubic utility charges is a similar issue. “Brussels is threatening the ‘utility charge ceiling’ system with the introduction of an energy union, which would return the right to determine prices to various private sector companies. If there is no ceiling then energy prices will break through that price level”, he said.

“The transparency of foreign-funded organisations that are exercising influence on Hungarian politics and support immigration is not ensured, and accordingly this system must also be changed. It is important for Hungarian citizens to be aware of how much money these organisations receive for their operations and in whose interests they are acting”, the Minister of State said at the press conference.

The Fidesz politician also spoke about the fact that Hungary would like to retain its tax policy within a national sphere of competence and that the Cabinet will in future remain committed to the policy it has set out on, which enables an increase in the number of jobs and employment in the long term.