According to the Minister of State for Government Communication, the main goal is to stop the migration process, not to support it, and accordingly if the draft of the UN’s migration package does not take a turn in this direction “Hungary will have no place” in the document’s development process.

Speaking on Hungarian M1 television’s Monday morning current affairs program, Bence Tuzson said the document under preparation by the United Nations was “a quite complex proposal, but practically speaking is a repetition of the Soros plan”, and it is both the moral and political duty of the Hungarian administration to ensure that the results of the National Consultation held on the subject are enforced.

During the course of the National Consultation, an overwhelming majority of people stood up in favour of stopping migration, he pointed out.

Speaking on Kossuth Radio’s “180 Minutes” program, the Minister of State said in reply to a question that he didn’t think that Brussels would be particularly happy with relation to the Stop Soros legislative package, but that there are fundamental issues with regard to which a compromise cannot be made.