The Saturday demonstration was not a private initiative, but an event organised by the Soros network from George Soros’s money because in actual fact it is he who cannot accept the result of last week’s election, the Minister heading the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister said on the programme Sunday Paper (Vasárnapi Újság) of Kossuth Radio.

Antal Rogán highlighted that in actual fact it is not members of opposition parties who are behind these events as they themselves take their instructions from outside.

According to the Minister, not being able to accept the final outcome of an election forms part of one’s freedom of opinion and the right to disagree. He stressed at the same time that no decision had been taken yet with such an overwhelming and convincing majority. “I know that it is hard for opposition parties to accept this.” “Those who cry foul failed to uncover any procedural error on the basis of which they could have contested the results or could have turned to the election committees. This is nothing but a political flea circus”, Mr Rogán stated, stressing that there have not been any more election remedy procedures or initiatives this time than 4 or 8 years ago. The number of these procedures has been average.

He stressed that the government had been given a robust mandate against the EU’s, NATO’s or, for that matter, George Soros’s aspirations.

The Hungarian people would clearly like Hungary to remain Hungarian. Meanwhile George Soros and opposition parties, supported by “organisations calling themselves non-governmental” wanted to manipulate the elections, he added.

He observed that George Soros’s organisations have “an enormous amount of money”, some 16 billion dollars at their disposal world-wide.

In answer to the question as to why he said earlier that they would not continue the past four years, but would form a new government and start new processes instead, Mr Rogán said that the structure of the government is in need of change as, he pointed out, the world itself had changed and new challenges had emerged. We need a new structure that is adjusted to those new challenges, he added.

The Minister took the view that the next cabinet could start its activities at the end of May, at the latest.

From among the anticipated measures of the new government, he highlighted the extension of family support services, and added that firm action may also be necessary in the interest of protecting the users of social media.

Regarding news reports that several opposition Members of Parliament may not accept their mandates, he observed that the new Parliament will be formed even if several of those who claimed only last week that they had a good chance of winning have since resigned.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)