The Government has lodged an official complaint against unknown perpetrators with relation to manifestations aimed at diminishing the credibility of the National Consultation, and the taking and making public of falsified images suitable for defaming character.

As is known, LMP politician Ákos Hadházy and his fellow MP made false statements with relation to the National Consultation, and especially concerning participation data.

The information provided by the Government with relation to participation figures is corroborated by the fact that on 7 December the President of the Budapest Chamber of Public Notaries validated the related factual certification. According to the document, a total of 2,171,500 National Consultation return envelopes were received prior to the 6 December deadline (naturally, this number does not include the 178,491 questionnaires that were submitted via the internet).

The actions by Ákos Hadházy and his party were a premeditated attempt to prevent the Hungarian people from being able to voice their opinions on the resettlement plans. This is no accident, considering the LMP supported these plans at the EU’s institutions.

(Government Information Centre)