The National Consultation was concluded at the end of May. The Government planned a six-week post consultation campaign divided into two phases, and accordingly the second phase will end on 15 July in accordance with the original plan.

The Government believes it is important for the largest possible proportion of the population to be informed about the clear results of the Consultation, because we expect drawn-out disputes on the issues it included, and primarily on the subject of immigration.

It would be more honourable for the opposition parties who are continuously attacking the Consultation to inform the people of Hungary about why they voted in favour of resolutions pushing for compulsory resettlement in the European Parliament and why they want to demolish the border security fence.

We regard the National Consultation as a success, because it broke participation records and provided a very clear result: the Hungarians will not allow decisions that affect them to be made without them.

We understand that this is something that George Soros and his people are not happy about, but they must accept the fact that what the people who took part in the Consultation aren’t happy about is the politics of George Soros.

Because the billionaire’s plans are endangering the security of Hungary. Yesterday, his spokesperson also openly admitted that he wants to bring hundreds of thousand of migrants into Europe every year. The Hungarians have said no to these dangerous plans on three occasions now, in two National Consultations and in a referendum.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)