Brussels is on the right track towards destroying the European Union as the pro-migration European policy may induce an anti-EU atmosphere in the Member States, the Minister of State responsible for government communication said on the Friday evening programme of the public service television news channel M1.

According to Bence Tuzson, however, a position that is contrary to the will and best interests of the people cannot be maintained for long, and the Hungarian Government therefore expects to see a change, step by step, in European politics and in the positions of the Member States as we may have observed in the case of Italy.

The Minister of State said: Brussels is at present – even if only implicitly – implementing György Soros’s plan. The contemplated European asylum authority is part of this which would take away the right from the nation states to conduct the asylum procedures and would distribute migrants according to a centrally determined scheme. This is the plan of György Soros, who wants to bring a million migrants into the European Union annually, he pointed out.

He added: the taking in of migrants would be financed, on the one hand, from credit, which is good business for the lenders that earn interest, and on the other hand, funds allocated for the subsidisation of agriculture would be regrouped for the purpose which would detrimentally affect Hungary.

Mr Tuzson also highlighted that György Soros operates a major network in order to change Europe. Instead of a Europe that is based on the nations, he would like a Europe operated from Brussels in which the nation states would be replaced by some kind of „European mass”. By contrast, „we would like a strong Europe that is based on the nations and functions as a strong alliance”, he said.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)