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Most important milestone of the EU-China cooperation reached

By signing the agreement on the construction of the Budapest-Belgrade rail line, we have reached the most important milestone of the cooperation between the EU and China.

Growth requires stepping beyond traditional dogmas, Prime Minister says

Hungary has proven that in order to stimulate economic growth, several traditional economic dogmas should be transcended, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told the Serbian Tanjug news agency.

V4-Switzerland Summit in Bratislava

Hungary wishes not simply to observe, but to shape what is happening on Europe’s eastern borders, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán declared at the Summit of V4 and the President of the Swiss Confederation.

Jewish public life in Hungary has gained impetus

According to Israel’s Chief Rabbi, Jewish public life is increasingly active in Hungary, the Press Office of the Prime Minister’s Office stated following Zsolt Semjén’s official visit to Israel.

Leading news

Retail sales on the rise for the sixteenth month in a row

Ministry for National Economy, December 19, 2014 11:16 AM

In comparison to the corresponding period of the previous year, the retail sector expanded by 5.2 percent in October, and by 5.1 percent in the first ten months of the year. Thus, Hungary’s retail sales turnover has been rising for the sixteenth consecutive month. This indicates that turnover growth will persist, as refunds by banks and the phasing out of foreign currency loans can further fuel growth.

Wages in real terms up by almost 4 percent in October 2014, year-on-year

Ministry for National Economy, December 19, 2014 10:23 AM

Wages in real terms were 3.7 percent higher in October and thus the positive upward trend which has been in place for 22 consecutive months continued, as the latest data released by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (KSH) show.

The Hungarian legal system punishes hate speech

Prime Minister’s Office, December 18, 2014 11:43 AM

People who incite hatred can expect the Hungarian legal system to not leave their actions unpunished, Minister in Charge of the Prime Minister’s Office János Lázár declared following a session of the Jewish Community Roundtable on Wednesday.

Chinese products to arrive faster to Europe following Budapest-Belgrade railway line upgrade

The Prime Minister, December 17, 2014 1:49 PM

Hungary, Serbia and China will sign the agreement on the modernisation of the Budapest-Belgrade railroad on Wednesday, thanks to which the transit route will be constructed, which allows the fastest transportation of Chinese goods form Greek harbours to Europe, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced at the Central Eastern Europe-China summit in Belgrade.

Introducing day of rest on Sundays

Government, December 18, 2014 10:00 AM

As of 15 March 2015 a day of rest will be introduced in the Hungarian retail sector. The aim of the legislation is not to keep shops closed, but to allow everyone to have the last day of the week off.

Award for Successful Enterprises presented for the month of November 2014

Ministry for National Economy, December 17, 2014 2:58 PM

Minister for National Economy Mihály Varga presented the “Investor of the Month” award to Nemak Győr Alumíniumöntöde Ltd; while Hidrofilt Vízkezelést Tervező és Kivitelező Ltd was awarded the “SME of the Month” title, and in the category of “Startup of the Month” the Minister handed the award to Indivizo Ltd at a ceremony held in the building of the Ministry for National Economy in Budapest.